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Treadstone Private Equity are a premiere independent corporate financial boutique within Treadstone International world wide  network, providing specialist corporate finance advice within the listed and privately owned companies sectors, both European and foreign arena's.
Over all, our service are divided into the 4 main areas: Valuations; Mergers & Acquisitions; Financing; Due Diligence and Financial Model Reviews.
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In response to a high market demand for in depth-quality valuations services from independent firms, Treadstone Private Equity has established a specialist valuations practice, comprising valuations experts with specialist valuation experience. More about our Valuations Services


Treadstone Private Equity provides financing advisory services to small and mid-level market companies (market capitalization up to 75 million Euros), working closely with clients to assist and devise the appropriate capital structure and to support their ownership requirements... More about our Financing Services


In today's competitive and frequently-changing business environment, a company's growth success often relies on the development and implementation of a sound expansion strategy, fuelled by mergers and acquisitions. Treadstone Private Equity strive to understand the needs of your business and the sector in which it operates, and our specialized knowledge and expertise will ensure that you make the right decisions based on accurate analysis and relevant experience... More about our Mergers & Acquisitions Services


Creating shareholder value through acquisitions is a necessary factor, but often the most challenging part of many companies' growth strategies. As management, identifying the right time and the right acquisition is critical. But if the deal destroys value, management is more vulnerable than ever before for... More about our Due Diligence Services


Financial modelings provide the foundation for structural business change and develop, but also this is an integral process behind every significant commercial deal. The financial model often forms the basic tool through which management makes its strategic business decisions... More about our Financial Model Reviews


Treadstone Private Equity has dedicated teams of M&A professionals, Analysts, Lawyers, Accountants, Tax specialists, and industry leading financial forecasters.

We are located in our World Headquarters in New York, housing our M&A team, and Analysts. Our office in Hong Kong is home to the Lawyers, Tax specialists and financial forecasters.

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Treadstone Private Equity headquarters is located in the vibrant and historical city of New York, where we have dedicated teams of M&A professionals, Analysts, Lawyers, Accountants, Tax specialists, and industry leading financial forecasters.

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